Deraya Flying School

At Deraya Flying School / DFS you will learn the many specific skills required by professional Pilots in a relatively short time. You will follow a complete training program with experienced instructors, attendflight training centresand can still negotiate an easy-pay system for paying fees.
The tutorial material you will receive at DFS covers four stages:

    Student Pilot License (SPL)
    Aptitude Test
    PPL (Private Pilot License)
    CPL + IR (Commercial Pilot License + Instrument Rating)

Apart from these four stages, DFS provides specific tutorial packets for anyone needing additional certification for ME (Multi Engine) and IR (Instrument Rating).
To aid the implementationof education and training, DFS is equipped with facilities and infrastructure that complies with regulations and the national and international provisions relating to the standards of education for prospectivePilots. To achieve optimal results in a relatively short period, DFS has a fleet of 2 Cessna 150 training aircrafts and 5 Cessna 172 aircraft that arealways available for flight training.
DFS also has two modernair conditioned classrooms with multimedia projector, wireless internet connection and advance training materialto ensure effective learning-teaching processes between the DFS Instructors and prospective Pilots.
For instrument and navigation training DFS also operates a Frasca 142 Simulator which is a single multi-engine Flight Training Device and has been approved of certification standard by FAA.
In co-operation with the Indonesian National Air Force, DFS has extended its training area to include Adisumarmo Airport, Solo. With the extra supporting facilities and extendedtraining area, Adisumarmo Airport is an ideal location to carry out flighttraining.
DFS is fully supported by the highly skilled Technicians & Maintenance Team of PT Deraya. With their expertise and decades of work experience, the Maintenance Team of PT Deraya works professionally and under strict supervision to uphold the highest safety standards. DFS is totally committed to maintaining quality and safety at all times.
DFS also guarantees that you will receive 160 FLYING HOURS tuition which will improve your flying sills. After the completion of this course you may be assigned to the post of First Officer (Co-Pilot) in an airline.
With 38 years experience, a structured training program, complete facilities, experienced instructors, as well as support from the expert Maintenance Team, DFS has succeeded in placing itself amongst the best flying schools in Indonesia.
DFS also provides a service to convert a foreign flying license (flying permit) into an Indonesian license, normally called an endorse.
Apart from the flight training program DFS also serves anyone of you who is interested in maintaining their ratings, or simply wants to enjoy the hobby of flying and take a Joy Flight.

Terminal Building 1st Floor No. 150/HT
Halim Perdanakusuma Airport - Jakarta 135610
Ph. : +62-21-8093627 | Fax : +62-21-8095770
E-mail : admderaya@deraya.co.id
Web : http://www.deraya.co.id


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